Armeesattel 25

the German horse saddle


A very important but nowadays too easily forgotten German equipment is the horse saddle "Armeesattel 25" and its assorted horse gear.
Ludie shows here the basic equipment for the ridinghorse: Armeesattel 25, Zaumzeug 22 and the Packtaschen 34.

The German riding halter model 22 (Zaumzeug 22) fits for all sizes of horses, on the re-enactmentpicture with a single rein and broken double round bit.

Close up of the rear pack with the overcoat and Zeltbahn. Notice the special straps with two buckles. These make it possible to remove the Zeltbahn without the Mantel falling off.

Depending on the horse, the Armeesattel 25 comes in 4 sizes and can be used for riding and teamsters work.

The "Überwurf", needed to attach the Packtaschen 34 on the saddle.

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