Celles and its Panther G

battlefield tour on bike

Starting point of our battlefield tour was the Panther G at the crossroads in Celles, some 10 km from Dinant, Belgium. It was the leading Panther of Kampfgruppe von Cochenhausen (second Heer Panzer Division) that, after detonating a mine on 24 december 1944, was left immobilised in a field below the ch√Ęteau for some time after the war. During that period all the road wheels, tracks and hatches were removed.

Major Ernst von Cochenhausen, 2nd Panzer Division

Some years later, the tank was moved to the crossroads and put in front of a cafe as a monument. The story goes that the lady of the cafe told the Germans that the road to Dinant was mined, so the column moved across the fields.

How it looks now in Mai 2009, not in a great shape.

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