"I notice something what looked like a bunch of rags in the gras. Then I realised these are dead Belgian soldiers covered up with a groundsheet. This view gives me the shivers! I turn my head away when we pass them. It seems nobody cares about them, lying there alongside the road in the hot sun.
Poor boys, sons of mothers..."

"Further down the road, we see other witnesses of the fightings. Unlike the Belgian soldiers, this German is buried in a grave. His comrades took the time to decorate the grave with flowers and mark it with a cross. His broken rifle with the helmet on top gives him the last honor."

Most people dit not reach their safe goals because of the traffic jams and got overhauled by the quickly advancing German troops. When the German tanks reached the French coast, the way to the south was totally cut off.
The dreary procession proceeded, now in the opposite direction towards home.

"We are on the move for almost a week now. When having marched some miles, we need a rest. The lack of water, food and a decent sleep takes its toll. We are exhausted."

On several places, German soldiers were giving bread or chocolate to the hungry roaming refugees. These were the wealthy times for the German Wehrmacht, the campaign was a big success. Very opposite to 1944, when the Allies were throwing chocolate to the civilians liberating them from 5 years of German occupation.

"A German kneels down in front of me and offers a bar of chocolate. He looks gentle but I must think on those stories about poisoned food. I take the bar but we don't eat it."

"The fightings have stopped and we don't have to be afraid for the Stukas anymore. We are going home. After all, we are just happy to be alive."

Many thanks to all participants during this photoshoot, the 'Abbl 6e linie' group to deliver the two Belgian infantry uniforms and the town of Moerbeke. Special thanks to F.S. and J.VO. letting us use their German and Belgian collectables.

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