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27 November 2011

In October 1944, the British 49th (west riding) infantry division, also known as the 'polar bears' got the task of holding an area all the way from Poppel to Brecht (Belgium).
In co-operation with living history group Pattern '37, project
"'A near run thing" is now online.

Summer-autumn 2010

The Project 1944 team has contributed during the year with author Werner Palinckx, well known from his previous bestseller 'Camouflage uniforms of the German Wehrmacht'.
Together with Mark Steacy, their new issue
is called 'History of the German WWII Zeltbahn' and will be published in 2011.
Click on the picture to see the bookcover in large format.

26 February 2010

Project 1944 in Skirmish Magazine issue March 2010. Click on the picture: