Rohren (Eifel)

277. Volksgrenadier-Divison, November 1944


In the fall of 1944, the 277. Volksgrenadier-Division was formed in Hungary from remainings of the 277. Infanterie-Division and new fresh troups. By the mid of November, the first of 43 transport trains reached the area of the Eifel, close to the Germany - Luxembourg border. To be transferred to the Western front and not to Russia was against all expectations, everybody was in a good mood. The 277. VGD had to relieve the 347. ID at the Westwall, in the sector of Wahlerscheid in the north till Losheimergraben in the south. Some weeks later, this would be the northern sector of the German "Ardennenoffensive".

The 1.Radfahrzug / Stabskompanie from GR 989 / 277. Volksgrenadier-Division is settled in a farm near the Regiment Gefechtsstand eastwards from Rohren.

The plans of the coming offensive in the Ardennes have not left the high command yet. At the field, nobody knows what will come. Movements by day are limited to a minimum, supllies are brought and lines to communicate with the Kompanie- and Regimentgefechtsstand are connected.

During nighttime in the nearness of the front, exercises on Zug-level are held to train the new recrutes. After all, it is the task of the Regiment Radfahrzug to be the eyes and ears of the Regiment during an attack.

Typical for the regular Truppenfahrrad is the remobable handle-bar and large luggage rack. The iron container between the frame is made to transport a MG ammo case, 3 stick grenades or little materials and supplies.

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