Although the morning sun is shining, the weather is cold and damp. Some of the men wear their cap comforters or balaclavas under their helmets.

Note the manner in which the second man wears the Bren's auxiliary pouches. This is, unlike the manner in which both pouches are at the front, the official way of carrying them. The weight is much more balanced, although the access to the magazines is more restricted.

The section is halted in a dry ditch not far from the objective. To signal the company's HQ, the wireless set is unpacked.

The 'Wireless Set No48' is an American made manpack radio, supplied through the lend-lease program in 1942. It's a copy of the British made WS No 18, manufactured with almost exactly the same specifications. It was mainly used for short range communication within infantry units.

"Baker for Able, position reference one reached, proceeding to reference two"
"Wilco Baker, proceedings clear."

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