After having reached the farmhouse safely, two BRENgun teams are positioned to cover the main approaches.

Another friend in no man's land: a little lost dog keeps the men company for a while, until it runs off as quickly as it came.

Meanwhile, the main building is cleared.
The lance corporal holds a No69 grenade at the ready.

This type of grenade was more suitable for houseclearing instead of the No36 Mills. The charge of the mills was too heavy for this type of fighting, sometime resulting in accidents causing friendly casualties. The No69 smaller charge detonates on impact, so the thrower must choose his moment carefully.

Luckily there is no opposition met and the Lcpl can put his little Bakelite grenade back in its pouch.

Note the used magazines and rounds on the flour. They must be from the last section that occupied the same position a few days ago...

The OP is set up in the attic. After removing some roofing tiles, the observer and signaler work together to complete the task: directing machine gun fire.

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