Vickers section '44

deploying the Vickers machinegun


In 1944, the Vickers Medium Machinegun's (MMG) in a British infantry division were located in an independent machine gun battalion.
That Battalion had, like a normal one, 3 company's. Each of those company's could be attached to one of the 9 infantry Battalion's of the 3 Brigades.

The organisation of an armoured division, is different then the organisation of a regular infantry division. It has only one (lorried) Brigade of infantry, so only one independent MMG company is necessary. An exception to this is the armoured brigade's "motor Battalion", because they had their own vickers and carriers.

With the 11th armoured division (the black bull), the independent MMG company was manned by the "2nd company, 4th Battalion Royal northumberland fusiliers".
This Battalion was reorganised and trained to be a complete independent MMG Battalion. Then it was split up between three armoured divisions.
The first was transferred to the Guards armoured, the second to the 11th armoured (the black bull), and the third to the 7th armoured (the desert rats).

An independent machine gun company has 3 MMG platoon's, with each 2 sections + HQ ( also a heavy mortar and flamethrower platoon).
Each section has two Vickers + crew and a rangetaker + firecontoller.
It was transported in three "universal carriers".

From the "war establishments":

section 1

carrier, universal
serjeant, rangetaker, driver mechanic
carries ammunition and equipment

carrier, MMG
corporal MMG No1, No2, No3, D/M
carries a .303"MMG
carries 12 box of ammunition

carrier, MMG
corporal MMG No1, No2, No3, D/M
carries a .303"MMG
carries 12 box of ammunition

Historical theme:

August, 28, 1944. After the battle for the "Falaise pocket", the 11th armoured crosses the Seine river. The independent machine gun company has to support the advance of the 159th (lorried) Infantry Brigade.

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