Rückzug zum Westwall

return to Germany, september 1944


The Project 1944 team visited again the area of Krinkelt/Rocherath, the crossroad at Wahlerscheid and the first line of the Westwall at Hollerath. This area is best known as part of the northern sector during the Ardennes offensive where the Rollbahn A was the main axis of the initial attack by the 277.VGD and 12.SS PzDiv HJ.

Less known is that during the German retreat in september 1944 many units, small groups and individual soldiers were passing the twin villages of Krinkelt-Rocherath. They tried to reach the road or small forest tracks nearby the Belgian-German border where they could cross the Westwall positions into safety.

Using the occasion being there, we did a little photoshoot portraying such a small group of Heer strangles.
10 september 1944, three Heer soldiers from different units have left the main road towards Wahlerscheid and are marching east on the narrow forest tracks in direction of the border.
After their units were destroyed, they are now for several days on the retreat through the Belgian Ardennes, harrassed by the local Belgian resistance and losing all their weapons and most of the personel equipment.

When spotting a group of partisans they proceed through the woods.

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